You’ve probably heard the term MARKETING FUNNEL if you’ve spent any time researching e-marketing and its analytical tools.

Although the word may appear unusual at first, we will attempt to clarify it in this article.

Let’s keep going…

The e-marketing process for every product goes through numerous stages, beginning with the introduction of the product and ending with the sale of the goods, registering in the site’s newsletter, downloading a book, or other things.

Marketing operations are depicted here as a funnel, which is known as the marketing funnel. You may succeed in getting a big number of visitors to learn about the service or product, but as you progress through the stages, the number of visitors begins to decline.

Using the previous model as an example, the visitor could go through some or all of the steps, which are as follows:

1. Awareness

It is at this point that the service or product must receive the most attention possible.


At this stage, the desired spread can be achieved through search engine optimization techniques or Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, which stands for PPC through search engine programs like Google Adwords or on social media platforms like Facebook, Advertisements in traditional non-electronic media such as print, television, and others.


The reach of a campaign can be measured by counting Impressions or Visitors, for example, using measurement tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, or other analytics tools.

2. Engagement

It is the stage in which the benefits, purpose, and function of the product or service in solving the challenge for which it was designed are specified.


At this point, the purpose is to answer the visitor’s inquiry, which is: What is this service, and how can I benefit from it?

The function of a good website design, presentation style, and illustrations used, such as videos, articles, and carefully constructed information; all play a role in answering these issues.


At this point, success rates are determined by the number of times the site’s pages are browsed or the number of times the service’s video is viewed (if any visual media is used to identify it).

The number of downloads of brochures used to introduce the service or product can also be used to determine the performance rate at this stage.


This is the third stage of the marketing funnel when some of the visitors (possible customers) to whom you as a marketer were able to draw their attention are able to make an informed decision about the service or product.


Electronic forms used in registration or communication, telephones, direct chat programs, and other technologies that fall under the so-called Call-to-Action umbrella can all be used to stimulate decision-making.


In this scenario, performance is assessed by the number of people who register for the service via registration forms, or by the number of callers or real visitors on the ground if the marketing of a product is not done electronically.

4. Achieving the objective (SALE)

This stage comes as a conclusion to the previous steps, where those individuals who are interested in this service or product become genuine consumers by purchasing it or participating in the service given.

More information about funnel marketing:

The marketing funnel is sometimes known as the Sales Funnel or the Conversion Funnel, in addition to its official name.

All these names describe the total stages that the customer goes through, starting from not being aware of (the product), passing through the previously mentioned stages, and ending with the stage in which he becomes a permanent customer for you.

Marketing funnels make the various steps of the marketing process more understandable.

The inputs to the marketing funnel proceed through a series of stages, with the outputs of one becoming the inputs to the next, and so on, until they reach the final output, as the funnel form suggests.

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