Affiliate marketing is a phenomenon that has helped multiple individuals and families stay afloat during Covid. The concept of affiliate marketing is not as complicated as you may think. It involves signing up with a platform, business, or company to advertise their products or services. This is done by asking your audience to click a link to either purchase something or complete a task. When the traffic you sent to the retailer’s offer takes the required action, you’ll be paid a commission. This money is usually included in the internet marketing budget of the firm or affiliate program.

Multiple affiliate programs can help you generate a comfortable income. However, you’ll have to work hard and follow marketing techniques to sell as much as possible. It’s essential to know the specific area you want to steer towards before getting carried away with picking the best affiliate model for you. Deciding upon a niche will make it easier for you to decide on the best affiliate program for you. Hence, it will provide a great ROI (Return On Investment) not only for you but also for the brands you market.

The saturation of affiliate programs can confuse a beginner and make the process frustrating. Our list of the best affiliate programs for beginners will make that task easier for you. We have compiled a list of tested and tried affiliate programs for beginners, so you don’t have to.

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

The list of the best affiliate programs for beginners is as follows:

  1. Amazon Associates

Even if you’re just beginning to start, if you’ve done any research on affiliate programs for beginners, you’ve probably heard of the Amazon Associates program. When it comes to generating money through this monetization strategy, the Amazon affiliate program is the gold standard. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tutorials and courses available on how to make a career using this network. It’s no wonder that the program is at the top of our list given its popularity.

This program’s ease of use is impressive. As one of the easiest platforms to navigate and incorporate into an existing business, it is ideal for people who want to get started straight away with a new business. No matter what area you’re interested in, Amazon’s selection of items is unbeatable. Amazon’s affiliate network offers a wide range of items, making it a top choice for novices.

There arent many cons attached to this program. However, due to saturation, the commission rates are low. The Amazon affiliate program offers far lower payouts than some of the other programs on this list. Moreover, it also has a shorter cookie duration, which is the tracking code. Cookies are used to see if someone who clicked on your link made it to the checkout window.

  1. Impact

As a newbie to affiliate marketing, consider Impact. For individuals who desire more performance indicators, this application has a user-friendly interface that enables extensive performance tracking and reporting. One of the greatest user interfaces and reporting dashboards in the industry is provided by Impact. Beginners and seasoned affiliates alike have praised the company’s customer service department for its excellent customer care and support. Among the other things that set Impact apart from the competition is the fact that many brands will accept you within a short time period.

In comparison to the other affiliate programs, Impact is not as easy to join. According to your perspective, this is both excellent and terrible. You should bear in mind that some users have reported problems and other difficulties with the backend before making your selection.

  1. Commission Junction

Commission Junction works with companies and promotes items throughout the world. It is fantastic for beginners with its easy-to-use software, good payouts, and a less saturated market. In order to be approved for this affiliate program, each brand or company has separate and extremely stringent standards. No product can be promoted without prior clearance. It is not uncommon for even some of the most well-known businesses to vanish from the program without notice.

  1. ShareASale

One of the most underrated affiliate networks out there was just bought by Awin In part, this is due to the fact that the UI appears dated. Its rather simple design, layout, and lack of self-marketing tend to scare off beginner affiliate marketers. But, that is a plus because this affiliate program offers higher payouts. You can earn up to $300 per sale with this affiliate program. The affiliate dashboard is simple, but it does its job, and sometimes simplicity is a blessing.

As a matter of fact, they represent up to five thousand different affiliate programs, although they are more focused on smaller yet successful firms, rather than just large brands. So, don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity based on its appearance.

  1. Rakuten Advertising

In spite of the fact that you may not have heard of Rakuten before, it is one of Japan’s largest marketing companies. As early as 2005, when they purchased LinkShare and made their first foray into affiliate marketing. Rakuten Linkshare has grown from a mere presence in the market to one that consistently wins honors. Compared to most other affiliate networks, this one has a comparable UI. They represent more than 1,000 brands and companies. A wide range of products is available from their merchants all around the globe. The main drawback is that Rakuten is a major participant in affiliate marketing, so the clearance process might be lengthy, especially if you have a lot of affiliates.


Affiliate marketing is not a simple task. If you’re a newbie, you’ll need to work hard and put in more effort to make this a success. Never stop learning; the more you educate yourself, the more you’ll succeed.

You must understand how these programs differ from one another depending on which ones best suit your business goals and specialty. So, once you’ve earned a substantial quantity of traffic and income from various affiliate offers, you’ll be able to sell your business for more money.

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