With over 500 million monthly users, Quora is the most popular question and answer site on the internet. Quora is a typical website for internet users where they can ask questions and get answers from the Quora community.

Because of the large number of users on Quora, as well as its strong position in Google search results, a frequent question with a solid answer can provide you with a large number of readers. You should take advantage of this opportunity to make some money. The amount of money you earn is determined by your work and how you earn on Quora.

The important thing to understand here is that you will not become rich overnight by using these strategies, but you will be able to supplement your income. So let’s delve a little further and discover some simple methods to make money on Quora.com.

1-How can I make money on Quora.com?

Quora does not directly monetize your answers, and it does not pay you for writing, but you may utilize various techniques to make some money.

Method 1: Compete for Quora Knowledge Prizes.

If you’re good at producing amazing answers to questions, this Quora product can help you earn rich.

make money with quora knowledge prizes

Basically, the questions that “sponsor” companies or individuals are looking for answers to in order to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in prize money to whoever provides the best response.

Knowledge Award

A startup, for example, may sponsor a question to elicit thoughts regarding customer relationships.

What is the best CRM tool for a food delivery startup?

The company will pay the agreed-upon sum for the best solution.

The Q&A settings are virtually identical to Quora’s ranking rationale, upvote, and downvote. Everyone has access to questions and answers. So far, the rewards have ranged from $200 to $1,500.

The program is presently in beta and has a lot of potential for improvement. However, this is undoubtedly encouraging the Quora community to provide excellent answers.

Method 2: Use URL shorteners that pay you.

Many of you include links to your Quora answers for future reference. If you use a URL shortener to monetize links and then post the shortened URLs in your Quora answers, you will be paid for every 1000 clicks on the links.

The amount is determined by the nation in which the connection is established. You can transfer funds to your account once the threshold limit is reached.

quora url shortener

Consider the following example: Alex embeds shortened URLs in his Quora response. Let’s assume there’s a constant that pays $1.50 for every 1,000 monetized URL clicks. Allow him to receive 3000 clicks for a variety of short URLs throughout the day.

As a result, he will earn 3 * 1.5 = 4.5 dollars every day; if this continues for a month, he will earn around $135.

You must devise an effective approach. Sharing a URL with a slogan is bound to be memorable.

You may use internet link shortening services such as CPMlink, shorte.st, and others.

Simply join up for one of the services. Paste the URL into the box, then shorten it and paste it into your relevant answer.

Method 3: Increase traffic to your blog.

You can use Quora’s dominance in Google search results to increase visitors to your blog or website.

You must develop some solid methods and high-quality answer content so that your readers will be compelled to click on your link and therefore drive a large amount of targeted traffic to your site.

Include a link to a relevant article on your blog at the conclusion of your response. I also recommend that you include your blog’s URL in your bio.

Method 4: Assistant in Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a sort of trade marketing method in which you are paid a fee (commission) if you successfully sell a product to a company.

If you handle the affiliate program correctly, Quora may be the ideal location for you to generate massive money.

Assume you answer a query about web hosting and give an affiliate marketing link with a related headline such as “You can get XYZ Web Hosting and take advantage of a 30% discount immediately.”

This will undoubtedly persuade the reader to purchase the service, and if the conversion is successful, you will be able to gain engagement.

You may test it out with other affiliate tag schemes based on your writing interests.

Method 5: Selling products or services.

You may use Quora to market your services, just as you would any freelancing work or experience.

You may also make money by selling your e-books and other items on Quora. Assume that if someone buys your book for $40, you’ll make $4,000 for every 100 books sold.

The most essential thing to remember is to produce high-quality responses, which will give you more positive votes and, as a result, a higher probability of conversion.

I hope you found this article useful. If you require assistance, please leave a comment below.

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